Book conversion services enable you to convert books in printed format to an indestructible digital format for easy storage and access. Outsourcing book conversion services will ensure the best value for the investment for publishers and booksellers. Books, newspapers, brochures and in fact any printed matter can be saved for posterity by converting into digital format.

book conversion services

We at Data Entry India employ the latest techniques like optical mark reading, scanning, and intelligent character recognition to ensure utmost clarity and accuracy. During e-book conversions, we can also incorporate formatting including headings, footer, and header, page numbers etc as per the specifications of clients.

Outsourcing book conversion requires a lot of time, effort, and skills. By delegating this redundant task to our team you can save on cost, manpower, and money and can concentrate on your core business operations. During outsourcing, books are effectively converted into several electronic formats that can be easily read in different portable devices such as Kindle, Sony readers, and other reading devices.

Outsource Book Conversion Services to Data Entry India

We at Data Entry India have a highly well trained and dedicated team that is proficient to handle books in various formats to turn into digital format with a high level of accuracy. We can handle all types of book conversion services at attractive rates. We conduct quality audits to ensure that the conversion process has turned out precisely the way our clients want. The experts at Data Entry India can convert all types of printed materials into different formats like e-journals, e-books, e-brochures and e-research papers among others.

book conversion services

Book conversions not just keep your precious manuscripts and printed copies safe from the vagaries of nature but make it last for posterity. Book conversion service will ensure the safety of the content and will enhance the ease of publishing in multiple platforms very easily. Are you interested to know more on our book conversion services? Call us to get started.